Wednesday, June 20, 2012


When you're producing art commercially, that is to say, to sell, if you find something that actually does sell, it makes sense to produce variations of that piece. I'm not producing art commercially, so I have no incentive to make similar variations of any piece, and so it gets harder and harder to produce these abstracts without repeating myself too much and boring me. This is a 2x3' piece, which I probably will not be doing again, I may settle on 24x30' instead, since I'll also get a 18x24' out of the hardboard sheet as well which I can find more uses for than an 12x24' piece.  I'm also edging back to more chaotic stuff here, with only the lines giving any structure to this piece. Will have to do some thinking before I start something new...

24x36" 60x90cm acrylic on hardboard

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