Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cherryblossom Vines and Feather Lizards

Another addition to my Archipelago of the Three Lovers series. (These 12x24" pieces have been piling up...) Besides I needed some color to balance the karma of yesterday's greys.

It's a science fiction series of paintings and/or abstract paintings with a slight nod to being something, your choice. 
Anyways, imagine three planets (the three lovers) in close orbit around a point in space. They're close enough together to share an atmosphere and occasionally scrap by each other knocking bits and pieces, plants, animals and people off into this shared atmosphere and these rocks then hang suspended like motes of dust within the shifting gravitational pull of the three planets. This is the archipelago, drifting 'islands' in free fall in the space between the worlds. I seem to remember an Edger Rice Burroughs book with twin worlds and a shared atmosphere, but I think three worlds would work better. I usually some sort of winged boat in, but decided the Feather Lizards would have to do.

12x24" 30x60cm acrylic on hardboard

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