Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Spring in Blysmith Station 2

I've been playing around with this scene for the last three days. Normally I'd have cut my losses long before now, but I had nothing better to do than to try this and that and that might as well be on this. I re-did the building a dozen times, shape wise and color wise, as well as trying (and seeming failing) to get the lines right. As I mentioned previously, I like to use blue as my shadow color, not because most shadows are blue but because it seems to (in my eyes) imply shade. However when using these colors, a blue building looks rather wrong, like comic book coloring gone wrong, so I had to try and come up with a color for the building that looked like shade without too much blues in it. As for the building itself, I really need a reference to make it more than just a block of something, but since I'm not really very good at copying stuff, and I'm lazy, I didn't bother.  Like the previous painting, this is more a journey than a destination, and while the result is not much of anything, it was a bit of an education painting it. Mainly I learned, I might want to paint something other than landscapes at the moment...

12x16" 30x40cm acrylic on hardboard

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