Saturday, August 31, 2013

Late Summer Along the Trumet Road

This weekend I start my eleventh year as an painter. It's been a decade now since I quite my day job to paint "full time". Haven't a regret. Lot's of changes along the way. Started in watercolors and then had to learn how to paint in oils on canvas when it quickly became apparent that watercolors are too much like prints to command much interest in the "over the sofa" market. Later on I switched to acrylics on hardboard because I realized I could do everything I wanted in acrylics with a lot less annoyance. I sold paintings for the first five years or so and enjoyed the process, but I came to realize I was unprepared to do what it takes to make painting a business, so I just put a minimum $100K price on 'em and have never had to ask myself, "But will it sell?" again. (I know the answer.) In return I have the freedom to paint pictures like the one above without caring that no one but myself is likely to like it. Well worth it.

I did make my quota of two paintings a week this year, but I only did so by cheating: painting a lot of little paintings last fall. Oh, well. And I am not exactly painting at my best these days; maybe I'll get better and maybe not. We'll just have to see what year eleven brings.

18x24" 45x60cm acrylic on hardboard

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