Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lilyfield Meadow (revised versions)

Above is the final (ha!) version of this painting. I've cut back the trees on the left: opening up the painting and making it less unbalanced. In addition I added a bit of highlight to the wall and a bit more detail to the house.

Below is this morning's first revision. I had decided to take the trees up to the top of the painting and lighten up the sky to get more of a milky light look rather than overcast. The fact that I have this photo says that I was ready to go with this version, but it never quite felt right. It was just too unbalanced.  This is pretty much how I paint: if it looks good, it is good, but I have to get there by looking at it and changing it until it looks good. I don't have a picture in my mind to paint to or a plan except to start painting in the upper left hand corner...

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